John Przybyla

Profile Updated: November 10, 2010
Residing In: Beaumont, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Jean M. Przybyla
Children / Grandchildren Two sons, John Jr. and Dwayne
Military Service: Navy  
Class of 1960 or 1961?


Background regarding time from HF days to today:

Rode 5 diesel-electric and three nuclear-powered submarines. Retired Navy Chief after 20 years of service. Instructor C-Cubed Projects Royal Saudi Naval Forces underground Command Centers. Constructed and installed three main-frame computers for the Strategic Air Command Gllobal Weather Central to prevent mid-air collisions. Inventory team and Data Input Specialist for all ships of the Maritime Administration. Navy Intructor with a Top Secret clearance redesigned the 7B1 Electromagnetic Stimulator package to triple its training abilities for the Electonics Intelligence Community.

What has been your occupation?

Chief Electronics Technician, Submarines, USN

Comments for your classmates:

Recently lost a kidney and its malignant tumor that was poking out of it. Presently undergoing chemotherapy for Multiple Myenosis (blood cancer). Things are still iffy with this due to the fact that I'm an old fart now, and I'm off of it for awhile to build up my blood cells again hopefully. That and a wierd equilibrium that comes and goes resulting from a stroke that cost hearing to my left ear is why we don't travel anywhere far much - that, and Jeanie's Cardiologist goes ape with the small bit of driving she's forced into now. Gang, I'm a Warrior and haved lived with this strong possibility everyday of my life while on overseas combat as well as routine missions. Warriors don't give up all that easily...
35 year old Warrior locked inside that old geezer going on 69 now looking back at me in the shaving mirror wondering what the heck happened? LOL
Wife and myself too infirm to attend any reunions, not ony HF but also those of 8 different submarines. Been around the world more times than I can count both in and after the Navy, but can't do much like that anymore. Even my Forward, Ed D. can outjump me today. (grin) My own website: You should check out the background music that I just recently placed on my homepage.
Got depth-charged by the Russian KGB in international waters (Our Government naturally denied that this ever happened or course - Capital Hill wimps and cowards). Don't EVER confuse me with being some couch potato, okay? Take care, John

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