Hugh Trusty

Profile Updated: December 12, 2014
Residing In: Chicago Heights, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Eileen nee Baldridge (Class of '63)
Children / Grandchildren Kathryn, 1965, school clerk in Phoenix AZ
Heather, 1968, Nurse at Rush Univ. Med. Center, Chicago More…Lives in Glen Ellyn IL (1 daughter, 1 son)
Eric, 1968, Inventor, Licensed Electrical Supervisor, Wheaton IL (1 son)
Jason, 1970 Inventor, Construction Contractor, Owner operator of Puppet Bike (1 son)
Military Service: Army  
2014 In Review - Our family update for Classmates:

Finally fulfilling a 55 year old desire, Eileen & I went to Washington D.C. and stayed three weeks. We did all the tourist things and visited many museums. There are still things to be seen however.
While there, we received word that our oldest daughter rode a bicycle from Denver to Chicago! She isn't 50 years old yet so one cannot always expect safety to be a concern.
Speaking of 50, we celebrated our 50th anniversary and I am glad to report that I am starting to adjust to married life.
Our 15 year old granddaughter made trips to Atlanta and Washington D.C.
a few times this year participating in History Bees and mock UN events.

Class of 1960 or 1961?


Grade school attended?

Flossmoor Grade School

Background regarding time from HF days to today:

Army after high school. Tested for one year college credit with US Armed Forces Institute.
Changed jobs like shirts for a few years. Salesman, store manager, factory quality inspection. Settled in truck driving for ten years. Lucarative but time demanding. Grabbed an opportunity and became an electrician from which I have retired.
Finished a couple years of independent trade study. Along the way I married and became a parent. Have been spending time in FL every winter since retirement.

What has been your occupation?


Comments for your classmates:

Those who knew me well may remember that I was a poor student. Since those days, Attention Deficit Disorder has been invented so I signed up for it right away. Oddly enough I passed the test and joined MENSA about twenty years ago. I have since let that membership lapse. Some may remember my carrying a bible around school, a thing I will change as soon as I get my time machine working. Since then I converted to atheism as no tithing is required.

Favorite HF (Bloom or Thornton) Story:

The most pleasure I had at HF was with the Viking Choir and Madrigals. I was among the eldest to attend "The Viking Choir Sings Again" in 1997. A tribute to Walter Rodby similar to "Mr. Holland's Opus". Wow! What an experience. A collection of former choir members from a span of about 37 years met and practiced for a few hours and then performed in the afternoon. I think we all still "Had it!"
While part of the drama club it was my responsibility for one play to open and close the curtain. Simple enough right? At the end of the first act I lept into the air and pulled down on the rope. The wrong rope. I broke the rope and left the actors frozen in mid stage.

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Happy Birthday John. I know I'm a couple days late but that is another story.

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It is ironic that Judy and Dennis Nichols, also "In Memory" lived very close to each other in Sunnycrest.  They attended Flossmoor Grade Schools, Bloom, and HF.  Hugh Trusty

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It is ironic that Dennis and Judy Gossman were neighbors in Sunnycrest.   They went from Flossmoor Grade Schools thru HF.        Hugh Trusty


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How the mind works is a curious thing. I think it was 62 years ago when we had a dancing class at Leavit(t?) Ave. school when we danced together and talked about how much our hands were sweating!

Mar 30, 2017 at 4:15 PM


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How ya doin?

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Do you still practice ventriloquism?

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