Douglas Slain

Profile Updated: January 2, 2019
Residing In: Princeville, HI USA
Children / Grandchildren Son Morgan, 47
Daughter Sarah, 23
Grandson Owen, 5
Class of 1960 or 1961?


Grade school attended?

Flossmoor Grade School

Background regarding time from HF days to today:

DePauw BA
University of Chicago MA
Stanford JD
Practiced law in SF
Founded legal publishing company (sold to McGraw-Hill)
Went sailing for most of a decade
Live in Kapaa on Kauai


What has been your occupation?

Lawyer & law publisher

Comments for your classmates:

Ed, you just mentioned Ken Beers. I remember playing with Ken in his very large backyard when I could get my mother to drive me over there (or I could bike there, I guess, I cannot remember). Hi Ken.

I was really looking forward to seeing (and listening to) Rocky Beach right before our reunion of few years ago. I always thought Rocky was the bomb and my sister, Barbara, knew Sandy Beach, his older sister.

For many years I lived in and practiced law in San Francisco. (I also founded a law publishing company now owned by Reuters-Thomson). The love-of-my-life second-wife died of cancer in 1996. I captained a 43' Swan sloop from SF to Honolulu and did some other long distance cruising. After that for a while I lived and trained in Boulder as a middle-aged triathlete.

Did the prostate cancer thing. Locally advanced (PSA 39 and Gleason 7) and too late to operate but after much fuss and bother UCSF got me into remission where I remain 15 years later.

At this time I live 220 yards from the ocean on the west shore of Kauai in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the smallest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands; we are the most isolated population on the planet I was recently surprised to learn. By the way, Hawaii has the coolest-ever state motto: "The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness."

I can hear the waves at night. I spend part of each day swimming in the ocean and stalking a reef looking for suitable wee fish and invertebrates for my aquarium. I volunteer at a place styled "Healing Horses" just to spend time with horses (and assist developmentally challenged children to ride them). I dabble with poetry and try to remember to breathe and to stretch.

The following comes from a column, Attitude of Gratitude, I sometimes write for our local newspaper: "The first miracle that defines us is that we were born at all. The second miracle is that we were born as humans as opposed to say … flatworms. A final miracle is that we are here for the tiniest moment in the span of eternity. For endless eons we did not exist and soon we will cease to exist." Random big thoughts to share.


Favorite HF (Bloom or Thornton) Story:

I remember Terry Benz showing off his crotch crabs using a lit match to make them race on the shelf under the mirror in the boys' room. He showed them off because he was proud to have contacted them from a woman in Gary whom he paid for sex. High crimes and misdemeanors! I think Anita Pandolfi (sp?) was his girl friend in those days; what happened to her, do we know?

I just remember another Benz story. He took me to a whore house and he stayed in there for 30 minutes. I was not able to perform so I came right out and I had to wait in the car for him. I was scared to death when left alone in the room with my "date." She finally said, "It looks like you had too much beer." I was a virgin and sex still scared me at least in part because I had no idea what to do.

OK, that is what she said; that is all she wrote.

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Hello classmates, I am spending too much of my 75th birthday watching history being made by an old colleague, Bob Mueller. Mueller and I practiced law at the same SF firm in the 1970s. I live a thousand yards (4 minutes by foot and 1 minute on my bike) from the ocean where I swim every day at 2 PM sharp. I welcome hearing from anybody who has the time and inclination to tell me anything about themselves or anything else. Aloha, Doug

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Rodney and I were close and I used to spend time at his house in Homewood. A very good guy. I think his father was the librarian at HF, right?

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