Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Resources List For H-F Vikings

1. offers a simple questionnaire that will help you to learn what kind of benefits you may qualify for from the Federal Government. Click Here

2.  The Eldercare Locator is a website from the Federal Government that can help you to locate programs such as adult day-care and transportation services. Click Here

3.  Everyday tips and checklists: although this website is published by the VA, the advice and checklists offered on this site are a valuable resource for all caregivers. Click Here

4. offers assistance with selecting Medicare gap coverage to suit your relatives health-care needs. Click Here

5.  The VA Caregiver Support website offers information for those who are taking care of an elderly or disabled veteran. Click Here

6.   Use checklists and calendars

The World Health Organization has recommended that hospitals use checklists and enhanced charts that include treatment and medication calendars to track and manage patient care. If the WHO recommends these practices for hospitals, then it's probably a good idea for you to use these strategies also. You should consider adding the following items to your parent-care portfolio:

An appointment calendar for keeping track of doctor visits

Medication checklists, that include dosage and scheduling

An activities calendar, for community or senior center activities the care recipient wants to attend

The Caregiver Action network offers links to several different checklists: for anyone who is a caregiver. Click Here

7.  Center for Disease Control. Click Here

8.  Health Information from the Mayo Clinic Click Here

9.  Medline Plus  Click Here

10.  Senior Health by the National Institute of Health (NIH) Click Here

11.  St. Joe's Hospital Health Center Library  Click Here

12. Falls and Older Adults

13. 22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging

14. Health Information for Older Adults

15. Health & You: Seniors and Swimming

16.Planning Your Doctor Visit

17.Fire Prevention Preparedness for Seniors

18. Eldercare Locator

19. Caretakers' Guide to Moving Seniors Into a Facility

20. The Boomers Roadmap for Aging.

21. Six Questions to ask before moving into a senior community

22. Helping clients stay in the home they love

23. Looking for a housemate later in life

24. Resources for the Elderly by State

25. The Administration on Aging

26. The National Council on Aging

27. An Aging Population

28. Health Information for older adults

29. Projections for the Senior Population 

30.Moving Tips for Seniors

31. Making the move to assisted living

32. Senior Health Resources

33. Nutrition guide for the aging

34. Financial resources for seniors

35. Veterans Benefits for seniors

36. Legal planning for alzheimers